Friday, May 8, 2009

False Teachers & Preachers IS God's Judgment Upon The Church

I wanted to let you know that I have just posted to the Prophezine homepage an incredible video by Paul Washer.

Folks, you want to know why this nation is going down the tubes? Paul Washer, in this video titled “Joel Osteen – It’s Just The Truth.” states the facts, that these false teachers and preachers are God’s judgment on this post Christian nation and in fact this world.

This is a hard preaching and teaching. If you can not handle the heat, then don’t bother watching. I don’t want to get any emails saying that I am just some mean guy and that Rick Warren, Joel Osteen and the other wolves in sheep’s clothing are the good guys doing a great job.

These so called preachers - wolves in sheep's clothing are doing one thing and one thing only… leading people to hell.

Our nation is in turmoil because we as Christians have gotten away from God and the truth that Christ died, shed his blood and rose the third day. Our nation is in turmoil today because nobody knows that they are sinners in need of a savior. Our nation is in turmoil because preachers are no longer preaching that people are going to hell.

My latest article titled “C.I.N.O = Christians in Name Only and God’s Word” ruffled a few feathers out there and upset some folks. Well, folks have had enough sugar coated talk, they need to hear the truth.

Here are some comments I wanted to share about our work here at Prophezine.

Ray: The gate to hell is wide and the gate to Heaven is narrow, and few there be that find it. I can identify with your feelings re CINO's. I get them coming against me ALL the time if I even try to quote scripture (in a very loving way too, I might add). The most frequent saying I get is "you shouldn't be so judgmental; God loves us no matter what".

Anyhow, keep up the good work and I love to read your emails with all the information we need to keep abreast of just where we are in the scheme of things. – PZ Insider Donna


I like your article in Cino. Please write about that kind of topic more.. Reveal the sins..and things that Jesus don't want us to do.. As we are in the time of ignorance.. People just don't care anymore.. Don't even looking for God.. People just don't want to know.. Thank you for the wise article.. – PZ Insider Costa- Indonesia.


Sir, Thank you from my heart, I am Jewish, as people today never forget this, there our children today who never knew what happen to the Jewish people, plus millions of other that died of pure hate, May G-d Bless you, your family and all that you do for the Kingdom of G-d. – PZ Insider Frank

Please take the time to go visit the Prophezine website and watch this video. It is just over 5 minutes long, is that to much to ask?

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Times are hard all over, but together we can all make a difference.

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The true teaching of our Savior’s shed blood for the redemption of our sins as well as the realization that we are all sinners in need of a savior must be preached again. We must return to the Lord and return to living a holy life again for Him.

In His Service,

Ray & Tracye Gano


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    The following has been sent to many people all around the world over the last seven years.


    Do you believe "Moshiach" is...

    (a) A tasty Polish stew best served in the depths of winter.

    (b) An irrelevant, archaic concept with no relevance to today's world.

    (c) A metaphor for an age of world peace and does not imply an actual person.

    (d) Alive and breathing right now on Planet Earth and is doing his work.

    (e) Has already lived and will return one day.

    (f) Not born yet and is not physically present on earth yet.

    (g) Best represented by the collective Jewish people and/or the State of Israel.

  2. Ray, I watch Osteen on occassion, the only thing
    I have found, is his sermons mostly deal with
    promises from the Bible, which are a very important part of a christians faith. James says
    faith without works(action) is dead, you have not
    because you believe not, you do not receive wisdom
    from GOD because you doubt. Jesus said blessed is the one who hears my words and does what I say.
    How can GOD help or deliver us unless we put our faith to action? GOD is not oppossed to wealth,HE is opposed to greed and idolatry, and selfishness. Why don't you quit worrying about Osteen and worry about yourself, we all fall short of the glory of GOD, and misinterpet the Bible, we are all guilty. We all should be telling people to examine the Bible against a teaching, if the Bible through the HOLY SPIRIT
    shows it to be in error, than get away. How do I know that you are not a wolf in sheeps clothing?
    How do know you are not straight out of the gates of hell trying to destroy the gospel of Christ. Feels pretty weird when the table is turned, doesn't it? Don