Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Righteous Anger - The Victorious Warrior or The Compromising Whelp

ray-gano-medIn my past articles I have taken on some topics that over the years, the feminized emasculated church has turned from.
Because we do not take the time to really read the bible, but instead listen and watch all the famous preachers, teachers and such. Today they tell us what is in the bible instead of us finding out on our own.
Well over the years we have had a more feminine influence than we have had of biblical masculinity. Thanks to this softer, more “caring” and “loving” ideas (which is total bunk by the way) we now have a more emotionally, experience driven church than one that relies solely on God’s Word.
It is God’s Word plus experience, feeling, leaning on our own understanding, and the list goes on.
Like it or not, these are all feminine traits. Women base a lot of their “truth” on feelings and emotions. This is a fact.
Men base their “truth” on logic and plain “yes” or “no”, mission oriented results.
Like it or not, this is how God sees things as well. God is very binary, yes – no, black – white. There is no gray area and in fact God’s Word warns about this.
James 1:8 (KJV) A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
Speaking of the Laodicean church today Christ said –
Revelation 3:16 (KJV) So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.
In fact we are warned but trusting our emotions (heart). God says that the heart (our emotions) are deceitful above ALL THINGS.
Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
Yet we are where we are today because we have feminized the church and gone against God’s Word and its teachings.
Because we (most men) have lost the testicular fortitude to do what is right and stand our ground, we now have the touchy feely sugar coated church today.
No one is willing to call a spade a spade.
In the past articles I showed where Christ himself got angry, wielded weapons, took on soldiers and bowled them down, got in people’s face and yes called them names the described their true selves.
In today’s world Christ would be called intolerant, hateful, mean spirited, and all the other names that the emasculated feminized church likes to toss around out there today.
Christ was a man’s man, not this Brad Pitt effeminate looking sissy boy that so many put out there today representing Christ.
If men stood their ground, remained being grounded in God’s Word and retained the boldness, I believe that our nation would be a different place than what we have today.
So what do we have today?

Starbucks Produces Sicko Sodomite Cross Dressing Commercial

As reported by Christian News Network…
“Starbucks has released its first homosexual-themed commercial this week, featuring two crossdressers.
In the one-minute commercial, Starbucks Corporation featured the top two contestants from RuPaul’s “Drag Race” season six: Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio.
Starbucks has been a long-time supporter of homosexuality.”
I do not know about you, but this is sick, I mean really sick.
But where is the righteous anger over this?
I can hear all the feminized pastors out there saying, “oh we just need to love them into heaven.”
What a stupid thing to say.
Folks, these people are morally and spiritually depraved via their own free will. These people are reprobates, they are now enemies of God. They know of God, His saving grace and His Son Jesus Christ. In fact, they go to gigantic extents to spit in God’s Face to the point of making “sex toys” in the image of Christ, Moses, and the Cross.
So this idea that these reprobates do not know about God is sugar coated thinking and an unwillingness to do what is right and call these people reprobates. We then need have nothing todo with them what so ever.
I look at other things going on out there. Both sides of the political idea has no back bone and both settle for milk toast than be men and leaders as they were voted in to be.
Where is the righteous anger in the church today? Have we been hammered down (Stockholm’s syndrome) so much that to think anything negative is all of a sudden hate speech?
I guess to talk about this, we need to define what righteous anger is.
First – Righteous Anger reacts against actual sin. We are called to define the sin/ true evil biblically. Males who stick their appendages into other males backsides are called Sodomites. This act is in violation of God’s Word. But thanks to the effeminate emasculated church today, we are welcoming these people into churches today and even preach from the pulpit instead of recognizing reprobates and enemies of God. These people do not want to change, they force their sin upon us and force us to accept and change. Righteous Anger says NO MORE and puts the foot down and boldly speaks up.
Second – Righteous Anger focuses on God, His Kingdom, Rights, and Concerns. NOT on our little kingdoms, rights, and concerns. Yep, this is a biggie to many. See we like to blur that line and make “our” rights, concerns and such the same as God’s. Our anger needs to be God centered and not self-centered. We need to have Godly motives based on His Word. But because we lack knowledge of His Word or rely on some watered down bastardization of His Word, then it is natural that we are ignorant of truly what is Godly motives and not. The key is to accurately viewing things as offensive is not enough. We must view things primarily as offending God and not ourselves.
This is why I say that I am not going to spend another penny in Starbucks ever again. If enough people truly had the fortitude to stop going to Starbucks and give up their caffeine addiction then how much money would Starbucks loose? Let me remind you that the sodomite community that they are pandering to is only what.. 2% - 3% of the population? The only reason they are where they are is the old adage… the squeaky wheel gets the grease. They have allowed their evil anger to drive them and they have won. Where we have allowed our Righteous Anger to be subdued and therefore we have lost.
Third - Righteous Anger is accompanied by other Godly qualities and we express it in Godly Ways. This is the tough one, because we can allow the flesh gain control in the blink of an eye. See, Righteous Anger retains self-control. We must keep our head and wits about us without cursing, screaming, raging, or flying off the handle. We must remember that we are always God’s Ambassador.
In some of my studies I talk about duels, when we are exercising our Righteous Anger we are at that time in a duel. Not only are we battling ourselves remaining focused and sharp, but we are also battling the other person and the moment that we do lose our cool and stoop to the level of the heathen, then we have lost.
I am all in favor of being stern, identifying people by their true character(calling a spade a spade), even defending myself if the person wants to get physical. But I will not cower, and I will stand in the duel. People know truth and justice when they see it. They also know evil and perversion when they see that as well.
People to this day still fill movie theaters where it is good vs evil and the masses are always glad with good prevails over evil.
To do this at times, Righteous Anger must be involved and we must be willing to stand our ground.
no-compromise-warriorThis is why it is critical that we be in God’s Word and truly know right from wrong, good from evil and those gray areas that the enemy likes to throw into the mix. When we know God’s Word and educate ourselves we are able to fight those who wish to oppress us with their evil and expose the darkness to the light.
But as long as there are emasculated, effeminate, spineless, willing to bend at sin men who refuse to stand for what is right and show a little righteous anger. We will never gain the high ground that we have lost over these years all because we did not have the testicular fortitude needed to do the right thing in the first place, not advocate the chain of command that God put in place.
But we are where we are because man basically wussed out and did not want to do the hard work anymore. Today men want to sit in the lazyboy and watch sports all day wasting all that time on their sports addiction instead of studding God’s Word?
So many men have lost their way because the lack the knowledge of God’s Word. They have accepted these watered down churches and watered down bibles. Instead of being real leaders, it is easy to just go with the flow and accept these sugar coated bastardiaztion of what Church and the Bible should be.
No wonder we have no Righteous Anger, we have no power of God what so ever and no I am not talking about this so called Charismatic voodoo garbage people equate to God’s Power.
I am talking about the fortitude and courage that allows us as Christians to stand for the truth. And until we get back to the real Word of God (The Authorized King James Bible) we will continue to be worthless whelps accepting the sugar coating instead of doing the right thing and being those true Godly Leaders that the world so desperately needs.
IF I have made you mad, good, maybe it will wake something up in you where maybe you will start standing for truth, justice and everything right again, instead of just going with the flow and accepting it.
The word for that is compromise.
Compromise is for the emotional person not willing to draw the line in the sand.
Compromise is for the person that does not want to get involved.
Compromise is for those people who like having their heads buried in the sand as the world pass them by.
Compromise is for the lazy and unwilling, thinking that they have paid their dues in life and now life owes them.
Compromise is for those who do not want to rock the boat.
Compromise is for those who do not have the courage to do what it takes, especially when times get tough.
Compromise is for those who would rather let the world win than stand for God, even when it isn’t the popular thing to do.
I can go on, but you get the message.
We no longer have Righteous Anger because so many people have compromised themselves with God.
What would have happened if Jesus Christ compromised instead of dying on the cross for our sins, where would we be today?
We need to cowboy up and suck it up. The world is a filthy horrible place today. Instead of sitting on the sidelines compromising, we need to get back in the game again.
It means getting angry at what angers God.
It means having courage to shine the light on the evil that is so prevalent today.
It means drawing that line in the sand and not going to Starbucks anymore no matter how much you like that coffee and need that caffeine fix.
It means being willing to righteously angry and to fight the compromise that has become the terminal cancer in the churches today.
William Burke is attributed to saying “ For evil to prevail, all a good man has to do is nothing.”
Well, that “nothing” has been going on now for a very long time. We have lost our country to these stinking reprobate enemies of God. Now we can either continue to compromise or we can start doing something about it.
As long as we are here, we are accountable. We will have to stand before him for our complacency. Those of us who boldly stood, we will be rewarded well with crowns and mansions. Those who did not have the fortitude and courage to stand for God, scripture says they will get sticks for their eternal reward. If you think God is going to give the compromiser the same rewards as those of us who had the courage to stand when it was tough, think again.
It is time for the righteous anger to rise up and we need to stand for what is right again in light of God’s Word and not based on our own fleshly feelings, thoughts, and emotions.
We need to drop the whole touchy feely thing and get back on the hard narrow road.
What will be interesting is to see how many will accept the hard challenge and how many will continue their compromising ways.
When we get to Heaven we will see who the true warriors were and who were the whelps that came up lacking.
Makes me wonder, how many people will be in heaven wishing they had the fortitude to show righteous anger and stand for the truth? How many will have made it in by the skin of their teeth knowing they wasted so much time here on earth compromising on God, His Son, The Gospel and His Word?
What sort of person will you be when you get to heaven?
Will you be the victorious warrior or the compromising whelp?

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